Benefits of Acoustics Panels for Home and Business

Restaurants, schools, libraries, and auditoriums know that sound- or the minimization of it- is a crucial aspect of their design. Too often, though, this same essential consideration is overlooked in the workspace. Even with open floor plans, while aesthetically pleasing, minor distracting noises can reduce concentration and productivity.   

Whether it is incessant phone ringing, the buzz of electronic equipment, or simultaneous zoom meetings, acoustic panels diminish noise interruptions in the workspace.

Likewise, acoustic panels in auditoriums, libraries, restaurants and waiting rooms minimize reverberation and provide a calmer experience for guests and visitors.                                                                                                 

What are Acoustics panels?

Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing materials that reduce reverberation. TerrAcoustics™ wood panels helps reduce distractions between rooms and spaces, allowing greater focus and concentration for students and employees. 

By eliminating distracting noises, sound quality within a room, as well as virtual communication, is greatly improved. Even though there may be more physical distance between employees, clients, or students, privacy is an important concern. Acoustical panels provide conversation security to protect confidentiality.

How do you know which acoustic panels effectively reduce distractions?

TerrAcoustics™ acoustical panels offer a high NRC (noise reduction coefficient), which indicates the sound absorption performance of a material. TerrAcoustic’s acoustical panels offer NRC levels between .80-.95 when installed with our 2” TerraCore Polyester™ and up to .75 NRC when installed with 1” TerraCore Polyester™. This would significantly decrease outside and unwelcome noises that make a workplace less than ideal, and, instead, create a focused and productive space.

There are enough distractions and interruptions in today’s world. Fortunately, we can minimize many of them to create a space that provides much-needed focus, ambiance, productivity, or a combination of all for a greater sense of well-being. 

Would your school, restaurant, or office benefit from fewer interruptions? Would greater task concentration provide higher productivity and profits for your business?

Find out if TerrAcoustics™ wood panels are right for your space.

Our panels boast a diverse range of perforated acoustic panels styles, each tailored to meet specific acoustic requirements and design preferences. Whether seeking a subtle, minimalist look or a bold, statement-making design, there's a perforation style to suit every project. We have many patterns to choose from: perforated, slotted and our most popular, our grooved series. These perforations not only enhance the acoustic performance of the panels but also add depth and visual interest to any space. Let us help you today with any design vision you have in mind or any acoustical question you may have!

Contact TerrAcoustics™ at 949.215.7979 or for more information about products, installation, or design inspiration.

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