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The beauty of natural wood meets acoustical functionality

Beautiful Acoustic Wood Panels

TerrAcoustics™ crafts exquisite acoustic wood veneer panels. Our mission is to blend beauty and acoustics with natural wood.

Durable Noise Solutions

Our panels combine beauty with durability. Expertly finished and perforated, they aid in acoustical harmony while also providing beautiful interior aesthetics.

Cost-effective Acoustic Wood Panel Control

TerrAcoustics™ offers budget-friendly acoustic wood panels that reduce noise and sound reverberation, creating a peaceful environment.

Accoustic Wood Panels

Our mission at TerrAcoustics™

As an architect or designer, freshness of design can be a distinct competitive advantage. That’s why offering new, high-quality Acoustic wood panels design materials at attractive price points is so important. At TerrAcoustics™, our mission is to help create beautiful and acoustically superior interiors utilizing the beauty of natural wood.
Accoustic Wood Panels

Our Work

Explore our collection of exquisite acoustic wood panels, each a testament to the beauty and functionality of natural wood.

Explore Our Acoustic Wood Panel Collections

Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Our acoustic wood panels are intended to minimize the level of sound reverberation. Choose from one of the available styles of wood acoustic panel to sound proof a room of any size. Our grooved panels are perfect for ceilings and walls and are one of our most popular perforations for acoustics as well as aesthetics!

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Slotted Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Slotted Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Our finely manufactured slotted wood panels are great for sound proofing any home or building that requires optimal acoustics. Browse our wide range of beautiful wood veneers available to match your design vision. Our acoustical panels will aid in noise pollution while also providing a warm wood look or even a modern touch to your project.

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Perforated Acoustic Wood Panels

Perforated Acoustic Wood Panels

Our perforated acoustical wood panels paired with an acoustical insulation backing are designed to reduce the level of noise pollution and aid in acoustical harmony while also providing a beautiful wood design element. We have a variety of perforated panel options available and custom designs are also an option!

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Do you have a project for Acoustic Wood Panels?

Let's bring your acoustic vision to life. Contact us to discuss your acoustic wood panel project requirements and receive a personalized quote. Our team is here to assist you in achieving beautiful and functional acoustic solutions.

Case Studies

Performing Arts Center at IVC Community College

Performing Arts Center at IVC Community College

TerrAcoustics Wood Panels can be used in educational projects, government buildings, home theaters, concert halls, or other venues where sound control is imperative.

Balboa Yacht Club

Balboa Yacht Club

Our systems promises noise reduction while providing a harmonious finish to any space.

St. Margarets Episcopal School

St. Margaret's Episcopal School

We have different acoustical options help aid in noise control and our panels have the durability to last for years!

Terracoustics happy customers

Happy Customers

We were pleased to be the selected sub-contractor for the Murano Acoustics perforated wood project at the North Las Vegas Readiness Center. At the same time, I felt a little uneasiness for the simple reason that this was the first time we had performed an install with this manufacturer's product. Although our installers are skilled craftsmen, I was concerned with the complexity of the design and was concerned with the many obstructions in the plane of the panel install. we found out that the product was installed easily and was very attractive upon completion. we were also pleased that even with the strict government requirements of this install we had zero punch list items to deal with.
- Dean Roofing Solution
Murano Acoustics is a good fit for auditoriums, churches, conference rooms -- anywhere you want the richness of wood and need acoustic values.
- Adel Smith-Chapman, Lead Interior Designer
I hit a home run when I found the Murano Mahogany ceiling panels; it had the perfect Yachty style and a great acoustic rating.
- Ray Lewis, Board Member I Balboa Yacht Club
We are very pleased with both the fact that the dining room is much quieter and looks far better now that the Murano is installed.
- Jerry Christoff, Principal

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