Enhancing Design Acoustical Panels for Lobbies and Restaurants

Whether you are designing a restaurant, lobby or some place where people gather, acoustics are too often overlooked. A room can be aesthetically pleasing but if there are distracting noises or sound reverberations, this can cause frustration and reduce overall calmness of a space. Noise level affects our experience in any situation.

Today, there are many different aesthetically pleasing design options when it comes to incorporating acoustics in project design. Our TerrAcoustics wood panels provide the sound control needed and the look you want which will provide a better experience for visitors. Looking for a warm design with wood or a modern design with a solid color or pattern, we have an array of options for your design team to choose from!

Some Benefits of Acoustical Panels

·         Better Speech Comprehensibility

·         Noise Control

·         Overall Comfort in a Space

·         Can be used as focal point in design

How Acoustical Panels Work

Acoustical panels come in all different types of material and styles these days. The goal? To absorb sound pollution and aid in sound reverberation. Panels can be used on the walls or ceilings to help aid in minimizing noise levels in a room or large spaces where people gather. Ceiling design or wall design can create the ambiance a space needs visually with TerrAcoustics™, panels while also gaining the noise control needed.

Accoustic Wood Panel Installation

What works best with TerrAcoustics™ panels?

TerrAcoustics™ acoustical wood panels offer a high NRC (noise reduction coefficient). TerrAcoustic’s acoustical panels offer NRC levels between .75-.95 when installed with 2” TerraCORE® Poly by FabriTRAK® Systems and up to .75 NRC when installed with 1” TerraCORE® Poly by FabriTRAK® System.

Another option for acoustics is using 1” or 2” fiberglass behind our panels. If you are working with an acoustician, he or she will lead you in the right direction but our team is also here to assist in any questions when it comes to gaining the best acoustics!


By eliminating noise pollution in a space, you are sure to gain a greater sense of well being from all guests. Adding acoustical panels to any project design will not only improve acoustical ambiance but can also create the atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on a guest. Creating a mood with visual design and achieving acoustical harmony go hand in hand in today’s busy and distracting world. At TerrAcoustics™, we are here to help to achieve the design goal and offer different options of perforations to help enhance the acoustical performance in a space. Let us help you today with any design vision you have in mind or any acoustical question you may have!

Contact TerrAcoustics™ at 949.215.7979 or info@terracoustics.com for more information about products, installation, or design inspiration.

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