Design Specifications

Surface Options

Natural wood veneer selection consisting of seven species oak, maple, cherry, sapele, anigre, walnut, beech, bamboo natural and bamboo caramelized. A standard clear finish is factory applied to the natural wood veneer panel face.

Sound Control

TerrAcoustics™ panels are one of the most advanced, durable and beautiful absorbing products available today for reducing reverberant noise levels in many environments. Most patterns are performance-tested by a U.S. national certified lab. Acoustical reports can be provided upon request.

Fire Safety

The TerrAcoustics™ panels are fabricated using class A fire rated materials. The panel cores and/or finish coatings shall comply with fire code requirements. Submittal data is based on material supplier tests. Due to the variety of patterns and veneer combinations available that differ on a project-by-project basis, panel composite testing has not been completed. Class B rated panels are available upon request.


TerrAcoustics™ panels consist of a natural wood veneer laminated to a no-added-urea-formaldehyde fire rated MDF substrate and black acoustic SoundTex™ felt adhered to its back. Panels are 18mm thick or 19 mm thick and are manufactured with a tongue and groove edge profile, creating a perfect finish when installed. Panels are normally attached to wood furring strips.


The TerrAcoustics™  panels are easily maintained with a non-abrasive cleaner that is suitable for wood veneers.

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