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Perforated ceilings are effective noise reducers

Naturally porous to sound, TerrAcoustics®  wood ceiling and 74 can also be installed with diffusion strips strategically placed behind some panels to optimize acoustic performance.

We may be able to customize the distance between grooves.

The distance between grooves in a linear can be modified. The smaller the width, the better the acoustic performance.


Good acoustic solutions will enhance performance without losing aesthetic appeal

Enhancing the acoustic performance of a space does not need to compromise its aesthetic value. The range of available finishes and veneers can provide a warm, organic look-and-feel to any space.


Las Vegas Readiness Center

TerrAcoustics® wood veneer panels can be used in government buildings, theaters, concert halls, or other venues where sound control is imperative.

Slotted panels impact space quality.

Slotted are suitable for almost any wall or ceiling. There are plenty of pattern options and finishes available, helping to ensure a solution that meets your project requirements.


Work with us to determine the best, more affordable solution

Our team of professionals can help you tailor project specifications to meet the aesthetic, monetary, and performance needs for your installation.

Enhance sound absorption with TerrAcoustics® slotted wood veneer panels

TerrAcoustics® Slotted Ceiling Wall Panel


We also offer products that focus on eco-friendliness

Modern acoustical solutions place greater emphasis on  sustainability. TerrAcoustics® responds to this need be offering sustainable, MDF-sourced materials.


Drop ceilings add texture and dimension

Suspended ceilings add texture and dimension to an area while also considerably reducing noise by absorbing sound and diminishing echo.


Dark walnut veneer creates a more modern appearance

Installed in the suspended ceiling grid of a cafeteria, the dark walnut veneer creates a modern, stylish aesthetic while also providing excellent sound absorption. The panels, supplied with a 3mm perforated round hole pattern are barely visible from the floor.


Acoustic solutions should be effective and durable

The best acoustic solutions have demonstrated effectiveness and durability. We provide Product Data sheets which will help you make this determination. Additionally, we welcome you to contact us with any additional requests for information.

Noise pollution can be controlled by the solution you choose.

Controlling and eliminating noise pollution greatly impacts the overall quality of a space. However, this can be achieved while maintaining a beautiful and modern appearance.

Modern, Sleek and beautiful G16 transforms educational building!

Our G16 panels have transformed this Performing Arts Center at IVC Community College! Our systems promises noise reduction while providing a harmonious finish to any space.


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