polyester fibers acoustic panels

TerraCORE® Poly by FabriTRAK Systems Inc Infill Black

Recyclable. Sustainable. Eco-Friendly.

TerraCORE® Poly by FabriTRAK Systems Inc. is constructed from an environmentally-friendly special blend of low denier polyester fibers which enhances acoustical performance. TerraCORE® Poly by FabriTRAK Systems Inc. infills have a much lower environmental and health impact than most fiberglass infills. With TerraCORE® Poly by FabriTRAK Systems Inc, you gain a safer environment during installation and renovation!


Why is polyester sustainable?

  • 100% recyclable
  • No chemicals added
  • Consists of 80% post-manufacturing recycled material
  • Declare Labeled
  • Produced without the use of water
  • Designed for L.B.C. & other environmentally friendly projects

Join us in the revolution of environmentally safe products!

Technical Data:

  • Available in White or Back
  • Comes in 4x8 sheets & 1” nominal thickness (2" thick also available based on quantity)
  • Composed of 100% Polyester
  • NRC 0.80

Contact TerrAcoustics™ or your authorized dealer today for more information and/or free sample panels. We are your partner in pairing acoustical solutions with sustainable options!

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